Looking Up

Getting involved in astronomy is easier than ever! Here's how you can take part!

What can I use?

You don't need any equipment to look at the sky, just your own eyes! If you want to see more detail, the easiest equipment to use are binoculars which can show some detail on planets and nebulae. A telescope is more difficult to use and set up, but it will give you lots more detail to see.

An astronomer looks through a telescope

Stay Safe!

As with any science experiments, looking at the sky needs to be done safely!

  • Never look straight at the Sun or a full Moon, especially when using binoculars or a telescope.
  • Be careful not to trip over when moving in the dark.
  • Use your telescope with care so that you don't break it or trap any fingers.

James Gooding, 2017

All image credits go to NASA (and respective centers/universities)