Exploring the Unknown

People have always wanted to go into space - now we can!

What is there to explore?

We have only been to a very small part of space. If we could travel a lot faster, we would be able to see other stars and other planets. Unfortunately, these are all too far away for us to travel to at the moment, but in future we might be able to visit them.

Planets in outer space might look like this lava planet

Who explores space?

All space missions are either manned (with people) or unmanned (with robots). Unmanned missions are cheaper and easier so are used for distant missions. Manned missions have people involved so are more difficult to prepare but can be easier to carry out.

Robot Mars rover Curiosity doing experiments on Mars

Where have we explored?

So far humans have only been as far as the Moon. We first landed there in 1969. The mission was called Apollo 11 and was part of NASA's Apollo program. The astronauts who walked on the Moon were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. This was the first time anybody had stood on ground which wasn't on Earth.

Buzz Aldrin steps off of the Eagle lander and onto the Moon

Who are astronauts and what do they do?

James Gooding, 2017

All image credits go to NASA (and respective centers/universities)